Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ric Flair: Not Your Same Old Song and Dance

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Ric Flair is one of my favorite Charlotteans to blog about. Even though he's now 60 years old and "retired" from wrestling, he's still popular with a generation of fans who weren't born yet when he was in his hey. And for those who are 80s babies like me, memories of Ric Flair represent a golden era. Now he's being immortalized in hip-hop.

There's a song titled "Ric Flair" by rapper Lil Cali and featuring Young Dro. It was actually released over the summer, but is starting to pick up a little speed. It's not the best rap song in the world, but it's sort of catchy (what isn't these days?) and Dro delivers with a witty, punchline-heavy verse as usual. And what I like about the track is that it plays it cool, and isn't overdone like B-Hamp's "Do the Ricky Bobby," which received entirely too much radio and video play a year ago.

"Ric Flair on em" is repeated in the chorus, as is the wrestler's signature "wooooooo." And there's a dance that goes along with it, but it's pretty simple--just rocking side to side in a sort of two-step with your hands out to the side.

Listen to "Ric Flair" below.


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