Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AllHipHop.com posted an exclusive article yesterday about music producer 9th Wonder being tapped to lead a music program at Barber-Scotia College in Concord. The North Carolina native, who's produced songs for a wide range of artists including Jay-Z, De La Soul, Erykah Badu, and his former group Little Brother, will develop the 9th Wonder Center for Music and Entrepreneurial Studies. He says he'll be in charge of developing programs and courses of study as well as selecting faculty.

Barber-Scotia began as a female seminary in 1867 and became a college in 1916. But the future of the now co-ed HBCU is in jeopardy since it lost its accreditation in 2004. By losing its accreditation, students were no longer eligible for federal financial aid, causing enrollment to drop from 600 in 2004 to fewer than 100 the following school year. Today, there are just 20 full-time students enrolled.

The college has begun the process for re-accreditation and hopes to be approved in the spring. 9th Wonder has a big challenge ahead of him, but I think it will be an exciting opportunity for both him and future students. He was one of the first people I interviewed for Grown People Talking when I launched this site ("GPT Interviews 9th Wonder"). If you've ever read or seen any of his interviews then you know he's a very intelligent musician who is passionate about preserving and progressing hip-hop culture.

Click here to read the article on AllHipHop.com.

And 9th Wonder won't be alone in his efforts to help revive Barber Scotia. Singer Monica signed on last spring as honorary chairperson to help raise funds for the Faithful Promise campaign. Click here if you would like to contribute. And below is a video message from Monica asking the public to get involved.


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