Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jessica Stroup Is 'Complex' and Grown Up

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 1/05/2010 No comments
Okay, I'm a little late on this but Charlotte native Jessica Stroup is featured in the December/January issue of Complex Magazine. I've never seen the 90210 star photographed this edgy. Like her predecessors in the original Beverly Hills, 90210, I'm sure it's a challenge for Stroup, who's 23 years old, to play a high school character on TV but want to be viewed as an adult actress in real life. Photos like this will help you see past Silver, the teen-aged character she plays on the show. Click here for her gallery on Complex.com.

Stroup, coincidentally, is also profiled in the December/January issue of BlackBook Magazine, where she's labeled "The New Pin-Up."


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