Thursday, January 7, 2010

Read About it: Yn Wine Cafe

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Because a lot of the places I write about (on this blog and for magazines) are in Charlotte, friends often come to me for suggestions. I talked to a friend today who was looking for a good place to have her birthday dinner. I recommended a few places. That led me to recall a place I recently wrote about for Charlotte magazine.

Photograph by Adam Whitlow for Charlotte magazine.

Yn opened in Dilworth about a year and a half ago, but I bet if you asked most people they'd say either they've never heard of it or they've never been. It's a small, cozy wine bar that is a great place to hang with a small group of (sophisticated) friends, particularly if they like wine, or an intimate after-dinner spot during a date. Sometimes you don't want to be in the biggest, loudest, and most crowded venue--at least I know I don't.

Click here to read about Yn in the January issue of Charlotte magazine.


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