Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The List: 2010 CIAA Events and Parties

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 2/02/2010 3 comments
UPDATE for CIAA 2011: Go to charlottemagazine.com/CIAA for the list of 2011 CIAA parties and events I've compiled.

Since the New Year rang in, the excitement has been building in anticipation of CIAA Week in Charlotte. And now that we've reached February, the talks of parties and events--and which ones people will be going to--is just about all I've been hearing from friends. I've also had a few Grown People Talking readers email me asking if I'll be putting together a list of CIAA parties this year.

As I did last year, I'll be including them in my "Events for the Week" and this will be a select list of parties and events I'm recommending. Because there are literally at least 100 events going on that week (most from promoters who capitalize on people's appetite to party, and others are official CIAA-sanctioned events), I'll use this blog to give you a few highly recommended events to choose from each day.

And I still have you covered in what I'm dubbing the master list. I've compiled a list of CIAA events and parties for CharlotteMagazine.com. The first installment is online now (about 40 events), and I'll update the list a couple more times leading up to CIAA Week (I've already received about 10 more events since I put together the first list). Not every event is going to be included--if the promoter or venue seems a little sketchy, their event gets left off. Click here for the master list.

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  1. Great event grown and sexy at upscale Brio's by So park mall thursady Feb 25th @ 10 food arrangments vip and all.

  2. Tip: Executive Event Planners, Inc seem to have the best 2012 CIAA package I have found to date.
    Their website is www.e2planners.com

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