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Cam Newton Can Afford a Lot of Haircuts

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Now that the NFL lockout has ended, Carolina Panthers number one draft pick Cam Newton signed a four-year, $22 million, all of it guaranteed, contract yesterday. Many of the media outlets are reporting how Cam received far less than last year's number one draft pick, fellow quarterback Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams, who received a six-year, $78 million contract as a rookie, with $50 million guaranteed. If you compare apples to apples, which is the guaranteed money, Cam is getting paid less than half of what Sam got. Cam and all of the 2011 rookies are working under the NFL's new bargaining agreement, a product of the lockout ending, which includes a rookie pay scale that was much needed.

Sam's contract last year was the highest ever for a rookie, and for the past five years or so rookie contracts had really gotten out of hand. If you were drafted in the first round, you were going to get a big payday before you even proved you could play at the next level. And those big contracts could become a heavy burden on a team if the player ended up being a bust. For that, you need to look no further than 2007's number one draft pick, quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who signed a $61 million contract, $32 million guaranteed, with the Oakland Raiders. JaMarcus would go on to play three under-performing, losing seasons with the Raiders before being released by the team. He didn't play in the NFL at all last season and, while still only 25 years old, may never again. But he's made at least $32 million, which is more than a lot of players make during an entire career.

But Cam's not sweating all of that, or at least he's not showing it (ESPN: "No complaints from Cam Newton"). In a press conference today during the start of Panthers training camp at Wofford College, Cam said: "Either way you look at it, I've still got more money than I've ever had." And he also made remarks similar to comments from other top 2011 rookies, like Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, regarding their new pay scale, pretty much saying that if they play the way they're expected to, they'll receive much bigger contracts in the future. Not to mention that Cam has already signed lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Under Armour.

So Cam's not hurting for money, and since arriving to Charlotte he's been doing and saying all the right things. Before leaving to go to Wofford yesterday, he got a haircut on the balcony of his new Charlotte condo. Damian Johnson, co-owner with his twin brother of the local No Grease! Barbershop chain, was the barber of choice, and he posted a few photos on Facebook.

Cam's fresh cut, looking like new money.

The quarterback and his new barber, Damian.

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  1. War Eagle!!!!!!!!! Cam Newton!!
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    C. Culligan
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