Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On Monday night, the story of the disappearance of Kyle Fleischmann aired on national television. His story was depicted in the latest episode of Vanished With Beth Holloway on Lifetime, a show about missing person cases that's hosted by Beth. She, of course, is the mother of one of this country's most famous missing persons, Natalee Holloway. Kyle, a Charlotte man who was 24 years old when he disappeared, is featured in the first half of the one-hour episode, which I watched online tonight.

Kyle's parents with Beth Holloway.

The episode tells you about Kyle's life before he went missing. It then guides you through that November 2007 night when he was last seen leaving Buckhead Saloon in Uptown after 2 a.m. Scenes of Uptown are on full display, and it's a little haunting to see places I often go to or pass by regularly and think that a young man likely lived out the last moments of his life there. The episode also shows how Kyle's family, friends, and the larger community rallied to search for him within a couple of days of him going missing.

Beth interviews Kyle's parents, Dick and Barbara Fleischmann, and it showcases the kind of pain and uncertainty no parent should have to endure but is one Beth can certainly relate to. Throughout the show, a couple of Kyle's friends are also interviewed. FOX Charlotte anchor Morgan Fogarty makes a cameo as well.

A show like Vanished can be heart-wrenching because it's based on true stories, but it's a great platform for bringing attention to missing person cases that have often gone cold. The show's website even has a section where you can submit information on the cases that have been profiled.

Kyle was last seen on November 9, 2007.

The "Help Find Kyle Fleischmann" Facebook group that Kyle's friends set up a couple of days after his disappearance now has nearly 49,000 members. His family is offering $50,000 for information leading to him.

Click here to watch the full episode of Vanished.


  1. How sad. I've been following this story for quite sometime. I've always hoped they would find him. I still have hope he will return home safely.

  2. I still hope they find out what happened to him, his parents deserve to give him a proper goodbye :( so sad! Sad that someone knows what happened and won't come forward


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