Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative Loafing, Charlotte's alternative weekly newspaper, published its 25th Anniversary Edition this week, celebrating its "relationship with Charlotte over the past quarter-century." In the process, its editorial staff combed through its catalog of hundreds of issues and thousands of stories to select "the 25 most important stories in CL's history." Creative Loafing also debuted a new logo and redesign with this issue.

I haven't written for CL since last summer, but I was pleased to learn today that a story I wrote two and a half years ago made the 25th anniversary list. It's the cover story I wrote in November 2009 on the ten-year anniversary of former Carolina Panthers player Rae Carruth hiring hitmen to shoot and kill his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. Even though it's a tragic tale, it's one of my favorite stories I've ever written. I was able to tell the story of the criminal circumstances that took place on a night in 1999 in Charlotte; the nationally televised trial and media circus that followed, which many of you still remember; what Rae had been doing in prison over all these years; what his attorney thought about the case years later; and, most importantly, how Chancellor, the son of Rae and the late Cherica, born with cerebral palsy, has been raised by her mother.

Click here to read that story from 2009. Click here to read what CL's Senior Editor Matt Brunson wrote in this week's issue about my story and the paper's original coverage of the Carruth case.


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