Sunday, June 24, 2012

I was surfing through my Twitter timeline Friday night when I saw someone tweet about Church Girls Rock at Have Life Church. Both the name of the event and church sounded interesting, so I looked around the web to learn more about them (see, I'm not always partying on a Friday night). Have Life is a burgeoning church and ministry in Charlotte, and it held Church Girls Rock Weekend this weekend (#ChurchGirlsRock), featuring speakers, concerts, and sermons over three days. I told a friend about it Friday night, saying it sounded like something she'd be interested in attending. She then looked them up herself and sent me the link to a great YouTube video.

Pastor Shomari White, of Have Life, preached a series last month on "Love, Sex & Relationships." That's not an uncommon theme in church sermons today; in fact, it's probably becoming more prevalent as churches try to combat the images of this increasingly sexual world we live in. In the 11-minute video the church posted, Pastor White addresses the pitfalls of sinful sexual activity and premarital sex, and when he's not making you laugh or gasp in the sermon, he's probably making you think about your wrongdoings.

He spares no one, from teens ("It's better for me to shock them than you to be shocked to find out your daughter is being passed around by the football team.") to adults ("Don't cry another day that some dude you slept with dumped you. He's a sinner and that's what sinners are supposed to do. Don't be mad that you went half on a baby with a dummy.") to senior citizens ("You think you put grandma in the retirement home to knit sweaters; she's dropping it like it's hot.").

Do yourself a favor and watch this video.


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