Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm hooked on watching Vine videos, those six-second clips that users create on their smartphones, powered by the Twitter app. I don't usually watch the short videos individually, but instead I view the Vine compilations that you can find on YouTube and other sites. People will compile videos made up of dozens, sometimes hundreds of vines--most of them either funny or weird or both--that were created by random people from all over the country (in effect, you're watching a 10-minute-or-so blooper reel). And it's extremely entertaining. I've watched enough of them to where I recognize some of the popular "actors," but I only recently learned (from a Charlotte Observer article) that one of them is a teenager from the Charlotte area.

Nash being Nash. Credit:

Nash Grier is a 15-year-old Mooresville kid who's become a Vine sensation. He now has more than 1.5 million followers on the app, which, according to Rankzoo, ranks him at No. 23 for the most followers. Slightly ahead of him at No. 22 is Harry Styles of One Direction, while Nash has more Vine followers than Wiz Khalifa, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, and other top-ranked celebrities on the list (he's way ahead of Justin Bieber). In August, Vine surpassed 40 million users, continuing to grow at a rapid pace even though many analysts thought its popularity would be hurt by the introduction of video on Instagram.

You can expect Nash's profile to rise exponentially because he's currently on a quick national media run. He flew to New York yesterday, appeared on ABC's Good Morning America this morning (he met Sylvester Stallone), and also taped an interview for Inside Edition that's scheduled to air this evening. As is the norm with Internet sensations, I expect for his story to get picked up by many other media outlets in coming days (the U.K.'s Daily Mail already picked up his story from the Observer).

Follow Nash on Twitter @nashgrier, where you'll find links to his Vine videos (which you can view there on the web even if you don't have the app), and Instagram @nashgrier. You can also watch many popular Vine videos and top Viners online and all in one place at (here's the direct link to Nash's).

He's recorded several different "Mr. Steal Yo Girl" videos like this one.


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