Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jordan's Six Rings Debut Saturday

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Sneakerheads have had August 16 circled on their calendars for months. It's the day the Jordan Six Rings sneaker will be released. The pair is designed from each of the six sneakers Michael Jordan wore during his six NBA Championship wins. The debut color is black, varsity red, and white.

Kids used to cut school to buy these shoes on the release date, so it was moved to Saturdays.

Jordan sneaker release dates are still a big deal. Not as big a deal as they were when I was a kid, when Jordan was the most incredible thing to witness in sports, but it's still a cultural phenomenon. You have to marvel at a guy who continues to sell the most anticipated sneakers years after he's retired from playing. What I want to see now is more perks since he's a part-time resident of Charlotte. I talk about this all the time, partly because I'm a fan but mostly because it's important.

We need to have special release parties in Charlotte, signings at local sneaker stores, Jordan Brand fashion shows—something. I know Jordan says he doesn't want his celebrity to overshadow the Charlotte Bobcats, the team which he is a part owner and the managing member of basketball operations, but screw that. This has nothing to do with the Bobcats. This is about the kids who run out to buy your shoes and the men who buy Hanes all so they can be more like you.

Jordan is the 2008 Citizen of the Carolinas award winner, an honor given each year by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce to a citizen from either North or South Carolina who has brought positive recognition to the two states. He'll receive the award at the Chamber's annual meeting in November. While Jordan is certainly deserving of many awards—and of course has won many—I'm not exactly sure why he's winning this award this year.

Is there something he did in the past year that had a direct impact on the Carolinas? Doing some of the things I mentioned above would.


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