Friday, August 1, 2008

Steve Smith Socks Ken Lucas

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Carolina Panthers Steve Smith and Ken Lucas got into a fight this morning during practice.

I've met both of these guys before. I had the privilege of interviewing Smith a couple of years ago for a magazine cover story. They're both nice guys off the field.

Here's an excerpt of the story being reported by The Charlotte Observer:

Punches were thrown between receiver Steve Smith and cornerback Ken Lucas in a sideline fight this morning that broke out while the Carolina Panthers were working on special teams practice.

Neither player was wearing a helmet. Lucas was taken to a tent for treatment and later was carted off the field with an ice pack over his left eye.

Smith was pulled away from the fight by linebacker Jon Beason. Smith was escorted to the tent by receiver Muhsin Muhammad, and Smith leaned down to speak to Lucas.

"Steve was probably a little remorseful for what happened and was trying to apologize," said Muhammad.

Click here to read the entire story.


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