Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Proof There's Stuff To Do Here

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I'm always telling people there's a lot to do in Charlotte. Some don't agree. One of the things I try to do with this blog is prove them wrong. So, many of my blog posts are event or activity related. And I began to realize that there's stuff to do here that a lot of people just don't know about.

So rather than only write about individual places I'd gone or events I'd attended, I decided about six weeks ago to also list weekly events (look for the link in the right column under "Proof There's Stuff To Do In Charlotte"). For the most part, these are events that I, as a young professional, would attend. I pull events from a couple of local websites, but I also receive a lot of events through email lists I'm on and press releases I receive. So, many of the events I have on here you don't often find on other sites (I'm bragging).

The event listings have quickly become the most popular part of this blog. (Well, that and my single post months ago about Fantasia and Young Dro. Thanks to Google and other search engines, that is my most visited post. Who knew?!)

Just now I added a couple of more events to the list for this week. They were a result of two press releases I received this morning. And I must say that there's truly plenty going on this week, particularly Thursday and Saturday. And I'm very pleased at the variety: live jazz at a museum, several cocktail socials, a hip-hop event at a skate park, a political convention party, a 20s themed gala. Not one of those events is at a nightclub. So see, there IS plenty to do in Charlotte. Now, go do it!

And while I'm self-promoting, I must mention that I'm now writing a monthly "At Night" column in the Eat, Drink section of Charlotte magazine. I'll be reviewing great places to go—at night. Look for the first one in the September issue, which should be hitting newsstands around the end of the week.


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