Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brooklyn Decker to 'Chuck' It

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Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker is scheduled to appear in an episode of the NBC series Chuck. The episode will likely air in late January or early February. Decker, who is from Charlotte (Matthews actually, but she claims us so of course we'll claim her), has become a staple in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition, appearing in the coveted issue the last three years. She's also appeared in ad campaigns for Gap and Victoria Secret, and she's currently featured in holiday ads for Danskin. But she mostly makes headlines nowadays as Andy Roddick's fiance. She's set to marry the tennis star in the spring.

I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Decker in the spring of 2007. She told me then that she aspired to become an actress, which seems to be a goal for most models. She has a lot of personality, in addition to the great looks, so it may pan out. And she's only 21 so her future is bright. But if she can't break into acting, she can always become an anchor on FOX News. Most of the women on their shows look like models (except for Greta Van Susteren).


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