Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm A Panthers Fan, Honest

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My brother and I went to Fox and Hound, the one near Northlake Mall, tonight to watch the Carolina Panthers play the New York Giants. (Thanks to the new stretch of I-485 we got there in exactly 10 minutes.) The place was crowded. We arrived shortly after the game started and got the last available table.

It didn't take me long to realize that I'm not much of a go-to-the-sports-bar-and-watch-the-big-game kind of person. I've always preferred to watch it at home or with a group of friends at someone's house. Sports bar fans are nuts, all dressed in Panthers jerseys and cheering loudly as if every big play is a touchdown. I'm a Panthers fan, but I'm more laid back. Some Panthers fanatics might hate me because I'm likely to say something they don't like, like I don't think Delhomme is that good or the Panthers are getting run all over tonight. I'm loyal but I'm honest.

It was a great game. Too bad we didn't win, though. But in the end, it was great to get out for a night and see people have something to celebrate and talk about without the mention of job layoffs or the recession. Even if all of that cheering and high-fiving sort of annoyed me.


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