Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trading Players, But How About Houses Too?

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As I'm watching the pre-game coverage of the Charlotte Bobcats-Detroit Pistons game, a thought occurred to me: It must suck to get traded during the season. As you may know, the Bobcats shook up their lineup this week with a five-player trade with the Phoenix Suns. The Bobcats sent Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley; the Suns sent Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Sean Singletary. And the Bobcats also signed Juwan Howard, who wasn't playing in the league at the time.

With all these players being moved around, I can only imagine the toll it takes on their personal lives. Sure, they get paid big money and some of them may be happy to go to a new team, but they--and their families if they have one--are uprooted overnight. It's easier when a player is traded during the offseason because he has time to move and get to know his new city. But when it happens a month and a half into the season like this, they have a lot of games to play and don't get much downtime playing three or four NBA games a week, with half of those being on the road.

If I was one of the players in the Bobcats-Suns trade, I'd see if one of the players I'm replacing is willing to trade houses with me, assuming I liked his. Most of these players have big, expensive homes, and in this economy it may be difficult selling the houses they're leaving.

Take Jason Richardson, for instance. He was traded to the Bobcats in June 2007. With a long-term contract in place, he did what most would do and bought a house in Charlotte. But now, a year and a half later, he probably has no use for it. I doubt if he settled in enough in Charlotte to want to keep a permanent home here. But he may have to for a while. Not only would it probably be difficult to sell the $2 million house quickly, but the value of it has probably dropped, as have most houses this year, which means he would lose money on it. J-Rich could probably easily take the loss, though, but the house will likely be tough to sell regardless of the price. (I wish my nickname was J-Rich. And since my last name is Holliday and not Richardson, that would mean I'm wealthy.)

Jason Richardson will likely be selling his $2 million, 6,000-square-foot, SouthPark area home soon. Any takers?

So J-Rich, here's some advice: Holler at Boris Diaw or Raja Bell and see if you can check out the houses they left in Phoenix. Let them tour yours and you just might strike a deal.


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