Thursday, April 30, 2009

Luckett and the 'Life'

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In case you didn't know, LeToya Luckett was at Pop Life last night. I didn't make it out there. I thought about going, but it would've been just too painful.

See, LeToya is supposed to be my wife by now. Sure, I've never met her, but I had a crush on her that began when I was about 16. Destiny's Child burst onto the scene when I was in high school and at that time, LeToya was my favorite member of the group. Yes, Beyonce was always the leader and frontwoman of the group who did most of the singing, but I always had my eyes on Ms. LL. 

When she dropped out of Destiny's Child in 2000, I thought "Yes, now she can devote more time to us." And even though she was off the scene for a few years, our relationship never materialized. She hit the scene again in 2006 with the release of her debut solo album, and I started to realize then that she wouldn't have time for us. It was good to see her again, though.

Now she's on a promo tour, which is what brought her to Charlotte yesterday, and she has a new album that's scheduled to be released this summer. She was on The Morning Maddhouse on Power 98 yesterday morning (see the video below) and at Pop Life in the evening. 

LeToya Luckett greets a fan at Pop Life. Click here for more.

I tout Pop Life often on this blog because it's the best event going on a Wednesday night in Charlotte, and the organizers, Creative Loafing and The Sol Kitchen, do a great job of keeping it fresh. There are different forms of entertainment and various organizations involved each week, and recording artists dropping in has become more frequent (J. Holiday was there in March). A weekly event can easily get stale, but this series has been going strong each week at Apostrophe Lounge since September, and not to mention all the months it ran at Loft 1523 last year and at Prevue before that.


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