Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Jada-Charlotte Connection

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If you've been watching TNT lately, you've likely seen the commercials for Jada Pinkett Smith's new show HawthoRNe, which is set to premiere in June. Yes, this is the same show that when it was initially announced as a pilot last year was titled Time Heals. But that's not the only change.

The plot for the show was originally described as being about "Nancy Hawthorne, a strong but caring director of nursing at Charlotte Mercy Hospital in North Carolina, a single mother who always puts the pain of others first." I was excited (I previously blogged about it here and here) because I thought Charlotte was going to get some shine. I was even corresponding with Smith's publicist early last month about a potential magazine interview. But the show no longer has ties to the Queen City. The setting for the show now "takes place at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Richmond, Va., where the strong-but-caring director of nursing, Christina Hawthorne continuously fights battles she often knows she won’t win, " according to TNT. Booooo! Charlotte, and our real-life Mercy Hospital, would've been a better backdrop.

But I understand that elements of TV shows usually change from the pilot stage to the time they air. And those changes, in the minds of the show's producers and directors and the studio executives, are often for the better. I easily commend Smith, who's executive producing the show, and crew for two things: HawthoRNe is a much better name for the show--I especially like how they emphasize the RN--and Christina is a more fitting name for a character with her beauty.


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