Thursday, January 8, 2009

TNT announced today that it has picked up the pilot Time Heals for 10 episodes. The series will star Jada Pinkett Smith as "the director of nursing at a Charlotte, N.C., hospital," and the show "focuses on her struggles to care for patients at work and as a recently widowed mother at home." I blogged about this new show in September, but there hasn't been much new info on it since. The latest announcement basically repeats the info from a few months ago, except now it confirms that the show has been given the green light.

I'm a little confused because I'm not exactly sure the show will be filmed here as I initially thought. It may be a situation where the show is fictionally set in Charlotte, but filmed in a Los Angeles studio. That's what happened with Frasier, for example. The popular sitcom was set in Seattle, including the skyline showing from the balcony of Frasier's apartment, but the show was filmed in Paramount Studios. The first reports of Time Heals went as far as to give the name of the hospital: Mercy. There's an actual Mercy hospital in Charlotte. It's more than 100 years old and was acquired by Carolinas Medical Center in the 1990s. But the producers of the show could just be using that detail to add to their storyline.

I guess it's time I take off my blogger hat and put on my journalist cap and actually see if I can find out more details. I'll let you know if I learn more.


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