Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obama Hit Me On the Hip Again

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I received a text message from President-elect Barack Obama this evening. It's been weeks since he hit me on the hip. While the days leading up to the election, he was blowing me up. "Remember to vote." "Take a friend." "Do you know where your polling place is?" The text I received from him this evening came at 6:56 p.m. I was eating dinner, man. But I ain't tripping. We cool.

Here are the contents of the message: "Help President-elect Obama renew America w/service projects around the Inauguration. Txt SERVE to 56333 for info. For Inauguration updates txt HISTORY to 56333.

During Obama's run for the presidency, millions of Americans joined his mobile campaign. Many did it to receive updates and get news first, such as when Obama was announcing his VP pick. I wasn't intrigued by all of that. I don't care to receive mobile alerts, unless one of my homeboys is texting me to say that the club is full of honeys (Man Law). I actually got on Obama's mobile phone list when it was announced that Jay-Z was coming to Charlotte for a rally during the weekend before the election. I texted his campaign to get special access to the event, and they've had my number ever since (even though the Jay-Z rally was cancelled due to them being unable to secure a venue at the last minute).

I don't mind getting texts from Obama now, though. They're few and far between. And I'm actually interested in seeing how he continues to use this 21st century technology once he takes office. But I also wonder if I'll continue to get text messages from him if the Secret Service does indeed force him to give up his BlackBerry.


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