Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Just Voted...

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For the NBA All-Star team that is. As it has been for several years now, we, the fans, pick the starters and the coaches select the reserves. I've always liked that process because it let's the fans have their say, which often means the most popular players get picked, while the coaches ensure that the most deserving players make the team, too. Regardless, though, I'm pretty sure no one from the Charlotte Bobcats will be making the All-Star team for the fifth year in a row.

But at least four of the Bobcats made the ballot: Emeka Okafor, center; Raja Bell and Raymond Felton, guards; and Gerald Wallace, forward. If your favorite player isn't on the ballot, you have to vote for him by write-in. Below are my picks for the Eastern and Western conferences.

I'm a supporter of the Bobcats, but I'm sorry--I didn't think any of them were All-Star caliber. The only hint of bias I displayed was in my selection of Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics. He usually makes the team as a reserve. He's not a flashy player, but the coaches recognize that he's one of the best pure shooters to ever play. I picked him because we went to the same high school, Hillcrest High in Dalzell, S.C. (He's older than me, but I was in the same grade as one of his sisters, who now lives in Charlotte, coincidentally.)

Click here if you'd like to exercise your democracy. Voting ends Monday.


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