Saturday, June 19, 2010

Up Against the Ropes...Course

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Yesterday I wrapped up my weeklong position at a summer leadership camp for rising ninth graders. It was a lot of fun and a rewarding experience for both the students and staff, enhanced by the fact that we spent the final day of camp at Xtreeme Challenge, a ropes course facility in Monroe.

Xtreeme Challenge offers high and low ropes courses, and our group of 22 did the low ropes. We conquered The Challenge Walk, which is 12 interconnected activities, and as the site leader instructed us: "For the next two hours you aren't supposed to touch the ground." The challenge in many of the obstacles was to not fall off because if you touched the ground your team would be penalized one point. The overall purpose of the challenge is to promote team building, and you'd be surprised what lessons you could learn trying to figure out how you and your teammates are going to make it across a row of drawbridges or swinging on ropes like Tarzan.

Xtreeme Challenge is a good idea as an activity for anyone ranging from youth groups to corporate staffs. Adults, if they're brave enough, would want to try the high ropes courses, which include activities that are suspended 24 feet in the air and a 300-foot zip line that races across a lake. Visit for more details.


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