Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There's a grand opening of a nightclub this weekend in uptown. When I first heard about it I got a little excited. But then I realized that it's a new club opening in an old club's location. Club Amnesia is opening this weekend in the former spot of V on the 4th, which used to be V Lounge, which used to be Varga Lounge.

V goes bye-bye.

All of these name changes have occurred within the last three years. Varga Lounge opened before I moved to Charlotte, but I hear it used to be a happening upscale nightclub. Well, something went awry at some point and the esteem of the clientele along with the club's appeal began to dwindle. And despite the name changes, it hasn't stopped.

Who knows? Maybe Club Amnesia will find success. And maybe the owner named it Amnesia in hopes that people will forget about the location's past.

Club Amnesia
Grand opening this Friday and Saturday
Doors open at 10 p.m.
Ladies free all night Friday
305 W. 4th St.


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