Friday, June 6, 2008

See What High Gas Prices Will Do

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This is being reported on

800 gallons of gasoline stolen

Thieves took 800 gallons of gas from a Charlotte station sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday -- and surveillance video captured the crime on tape.

The family-owned gas station on West Sugar Creek Road lost $4,000 in gas, as a result.

Surveillance video shows car after car pulling up to the pumps, filling up and then driving away.

Police say it appears as if two men organized the whole thing. It took two hours to drain the premium pumps dry.

Customers said the store had only been open about seven months.

"It bothers me, because (the owner) is part of our community," said customer Fanci Thomas. "He's trying to service our community. And that's why businesses leave, because you have this kind of stuff going on around your neighborhood."

And here's video courtesy of WCNC.


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