Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something New for GPT: Upcoming Events

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 6/29/2008 No comments
I often blog about upcoming events, which I've found is one of the things people are most interested in. But I've only been doing it at random. Now each week, starting tomorrow, I'm going to be listing events for the week in the Charlotte area along with my two cents.

I'll add a little commentary if I've been to the particular venue before or been to an event put on by that promoter or event planner. Hopefully it'll help you decide whether an event is worth going to. Because every flier makes every event sound like it's the must-attend shindig of the year. And you may find yourself too often at places where you regret going. I hope to help you prevent that.

Tomorrow's post will largely feature Fourth of July related activities going on this week. Since the fourth is on a Friday and most people have the holiday off, many people will start partying Thursday.

Also, if I wax poetic about an event and you end up going to it and your experience is different than what I predicted, please let me know by posting comments. Or if you just wish to share your experience for any reason, feel free to do so. That's the power of the blog, baby!


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