Friday, June 13, 2008

What the Heck is Pipl?

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 6/13/2008 1 comment
I'm sure we all google ourselves from time to time. The fact that Google has become a verb shows the influence the search engine has on our lifestyles (I bet you don't say I yahooed myself). Well, last night I was on a website and I saw a link to Pipl. I clicked on it and discovered that it's a search engine that touts itself as "the most comprehensive people search on the web." So I pipled myself (wait, that sounds weird) and it is indeed comprehensive. Pipl offers this explanation as to how its search engine works:

How come the best search engines fail so miserably when it comes to people search? The answer lies in a little known but very important part of the web called "the deep web".

Also known as "invisible web", the term "deep web" refers to a vast repository of underlying content, such as documents in online databases that general-purpose web crawlers cannot reach.

The deep web content is estimated at 500 times that of the surface web, yet has remained mostly untapped due to the limitations of traditional search engines.

Since most personal profiles, public records and other people-related documents are stored in databases and not on static web pages, most of the higher-quality information about people is simply "invisible" to a regular search engine.

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  1. does pipl help me get into my old email, since Microsoft altered outlook I cant sign in with new or old password and don't receive my email anymore


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