Monday, March 9, 2009

Charlotte Mans Up

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Sperling's BestPlaces, the popular city data analyzing firm, has released its list of "America's Manliest Cities," with Charlotte ranking second.

The 50 largest metropolitan areas had their manliness determined by such criteria as the number of major league sports teams, popularity of tools and hardware, frequency of monster truck rallies, how many American-made cars were driven in the city, the number of sports bars and barbecue restaurants, and level of salty snacks consumption (snack food company Mars Inc. commissioned the study). Nashville ranked first on the list "because of its concentration of NASCAR enthusiasts and barbecue restaurants and its popularity for hunting and fishing." The same could be said for Charlotte regarding the first two factors.

New York ranked dead last at 50th and Los Angeles only fared one better at 49th. Cities lost points in the study for having an abundance of home furnishing stores, high minivan sales, and subscription rates to beauty magazines. Man Law.


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