Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Lot On Curry's Plate

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Davidson basketball star Stephen Curry appeared on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption yesterday, and even though the nation's top scorer isn't playing in the NCAA Tournament, where we'd all prefer to see him, there's no other college basketball player getting as much media attention right now. You can find stories about Curry in the sports section of just about every major newspaper this weekend and he's all over the 'net. The sports world is anxiously awaiting his decision as to whether he'll return for his senior season at Davidson or enter this year's NBA Draft.

After Davidson was eliminated from the NIT on Monday, Curry stated the next day that he's 50-50 on his decision to return to college and that he would talk to his parents this weekend to evaluate his options. Yesterday on PTI, he joked that he's now 53-47. I would imagine some interesting discussions are taking place this weekend between Stephen, his father Dell, and mother Sonya.

If I had to place a bet, I would put my money on Curry coming back for his senior year. While I agree with most basketball analysts that he would likely be a lottery pick in this year's draft and that he doesn't have much to gain by staying another year at Davidson, I think he's going to defy expectations and decide to stay. The opinion that he doesn't have much to gain by staying in college--Davidson isn't likely to be a contender for the NCAA championship next year, which is why some players in his position opt to come back, and last year when he led them to the Elite Eight was probably their peak--isn't as much of a factor for Curry because I believe he truly loves the college game. And I know we love the attention he brings to college basketball in this area. If he leaves, there'll be no more reasons for Davidson's games to be televised nationally and no reason for them to play a couple of home games a year at Time Warner Cable Arena.

I'll reserve my opinion for now on how I think he'd do in the NBA, because I hope that reality is a year away.

See the video below of Curry's appearance on PTI, in which he talked about what will factor into his decision, whether he plans to consult BFF Lebron James, and what he knows about his brother Seth's plans to transfer to a larger school. And that's another reason for Stephen to stay. Since Seth has decided to leave Liberty and will likely transfer to a school in a major conference like the ACC, which means he'll have to sit out next season due to eligibility rules, if Stephen leaves we'll have to go a year without seeing a Curry shoot the lights out in college games.


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