Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dale Jr. Has Another New Product

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 3/31/2009 1 comment
I just saw this TV commercial for Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s new motorcycle figurine collection. When it first came on, I thought actual motorcycles were being sold. But these models are about eight inches long. Dale Jr. continues to be the ultimate product endorser ("The Future of Dale Jr.'s Camaro?") and it seems like I'm seeing him in more commercials and advertisements than ever ("Dale Jr.'s Got Bank").

NASCAR is hurting from the economy, but Jr.'s not. Some of the other race car drivers, who win far more races than Jr., have to be ticked. I can't think of any other sport where the guy who makes the most money and receives the most endorsements isn't the best in his field. I'm not knocking Jr.--he always comes across as being very humble and I believe he's working hard on the track--but he isn't even a top-ten driver. He finished 12th in last season's Chase and he's currently 16th in the standings after six races this season.

But Dale Jr. will continue to be the most popular driver in NASCAR for several years to come. And now you fans can add another piece of memorabilia to your collection. Visit www.dalejrbike.com for more on the motorcycle figurines.

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  1. Dale Jr is gonna mess around and become the Anna Kournikova of Nascar if he doesn't start winning some races.


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