Friday, March 13, 2009

One 'Richgirl' Is From Gastonia

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I attended the Teen Summit last evening, a forum for local tweens and teens put on a few times a year by Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. The nonprofit organization is led by Power 98's Janine Davis and they provide programs and outreach to young girls to help build self-esteem and educate them on how to deal with the challenges they face during this very influential time in their lives. The Teen Summit is open to both boys and girls and this edition attracted about 300 of them for a two-hour session at the Albemarle Road Recreation Center.

It was a great event and I commend Davis and her team for the excellent work they do. This is, however, Grown People Talking, so I don't talk much about teens. But the Teen Summit had something we grown people could appreciate. Even though the adults were ushered into a separate room (called CMS Parent University) so the teens could feel comfortable talking without being concerned with their parents' reactions, I managed to duck in for something worth a grown man seeing.

Up-and-coming R&B group Richgirl made an appearance, performed a couple of songs, and hung around until the end to sign autographs. I'd heard of this group and their first single "24". They were signed to a record deal and are produced by Rich Harrison, the popular songwriter who has written songs for Amerie (most of her first album and the hit "One Thing" from her second) and Beyonce ("Crazy In Love" and Destiny's Child's "Soldier"). With a talented producer behind them and the looks of supermodels, these girls are destined for stardom.

I now have a favorite girl group: Richgirl.

I was standing in the lobby talking on the phone when they walked in and I was rendered speechless. I wasn't sure who they were at the time but I knew I had to stick around. After seeing them perform, I was even more impress. They have great voices. One of them actually sounds a lot like Beyonce, largely because they sing those fast-paced R&B songs Beyonce has become known for. The four-member group consists of Audra from San Diego, Brave from Baltimore, Seven from Haines City, Florida, and Lyndriette, from Gastonia. That's right, nearby, tiny Gastonia.

You can learn more about Richgirl by visiting their Myspace page and by reading this recent Billboard article.


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