Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As you'll notice in my Events for the Week, J. Holiday will be at Pop Life tonight at Apostrophe Lounge. The news has been buzzing through email and Facebook all day about the free event. But I just wanted to clear up any potential confusion. At Pop Life tonight will be J. Holiday the singer. I'm J. Holliday the blogger. He spells Holiday with one "L"; I spell Holliday with two L's (because the Ladies Love cool J). And J. Holliday (Jarvis Holliday) is my real name. His real name is Nahum Grymes.

You, too, could be J. Holiday.

Even though I go to Pop Life somewhat regularly, ladies: I hate to disappoint you but I will not be there tonight. You'll just have to make do with the guy who sings "Bed".

(I'm only poking fun, by the way. I think the guy is talented and is representing our name well.)


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