Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Art, Beats and Lyrics' Converge Friday

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Liquor companies host some of the best events and they seem to like setting up shop in Charlotte. Tomorrow night features Art, Beats and Lyrics presented by Gentleman Jack (Jack Daniel's). This traveling exhibition of art, hip-hop, dance, and liquor is taking place from 7 p.m. to midnight at the Blake Hotel, and it's all free.

Art, Beats and Lyrics came to Charlotte last year, during its inaugural tour (I blogged about it during the early days of Grown People Talking: "A Weekend of Beautiful Expression"). I guess it's safe to say they were pleased with the turnout and have decided to return. I attended last year and it was a great event. It provided an opportunity to see some of the country's best "street" and "urban" artists, including some locals, whose works don't often make it into museums and galleries. There was also good, live music by hip-hop artists and bands while break dancers performed incredible moves in front of the stage. My only complaint about last year's event is that they ran out of the free booze so many people weren't able to redeem their drink tickets.

The event is free, but requires registration online. Unfortunately, the tickets reached capacity yesterday so no more are being given away. But here's a little tip: With free events there are always a percentage of people who will register and not show up, so you can still possibly get in. But that'll probably be after many of the ticketed folks have come in. If you have a ticket, I suggest you get there early because the line was wrapped around the building last year at CenterStage in NoDa. If you don't have a ticket, I recommend you get there around 10 p.m. after some of the early folks have left.

Below is a video recap of last year's event.

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