Thursday, May 7, 2009

Charlotte Blogger Tracks Craigslist Crimes

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 5/07/2009 No comments
Trench Reynolds has been tracking crimes and writing about them on the Internet for several years. One of his favorite areas is keeping up with the many crimes that occur from people meeting or doing business as a result of connecting on Craigslist. Since a couple of high-profile Craigslist-related murders have dominated the headlines recently, Reynolds has been brought out from behind his blogger shadows. Several major newspapers have interviewed him recently and earlier this week he appeared on CNN.

The 40 year-old Charlotte resident says he's an unemployed blogger, which sort of explains how he's able to devote so much time to his plethora of postings. It's probably the most comprehensive database of Craigslist crimes you'll find, and many of the postings are entertaining just because of the nature of the incidents.

See for yourself on "Trench Reynolds' Crime News" at (yes, that's the correct address; it spells out crimenews).


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