Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stephen Curry Stars In Rap Video...Sort of

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 5/07/2009 No comments
Davidson College basketball star Stephen Curry may be headed to the NBA this summer, but he's still enjoying college life. Curry and several of his classmates remixed Ashter Roth's rap song, "I Love College." Their version is called "I Love Commons" and it's a tribute to the campus eatery where Davidson students enjoy many of their meals. If you know anything about music videos then you'll realize that the Davidson kids actually had to record the song first then shoot the video, so the whole process took some effort. It's also great to see that many on the Davidson dining staff got in on the fun as well. And the result is a catchy song with a cool video to match. See Curry, aren't you going to miss your college days and wish that you would've decided to stay for your senior season? Most of us in Charlotte sure wish you would have.

See the YouTube video below (and I have to give props to because that's where I saw it first).


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