Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New, Unique Dating Website

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 5/19/2009 No comments
I receive several press releases a day in my inbox and as any PR-savvy person knows, you have to grab a person's attention in the first couple of sentences. This one certainly did.

There's a new dating website devoted to people who have HSV-2, better known as herpes. It's called TwoCan.com. Just that whole premise made me want to read on about it, then I realized that the concept is a good idea. Herpes, sadly, is an incurable sexual transmitted disease that affects people in the bedroom, but they're otherwise able to live full and productive lives. So why not create a way for them to meet other singles who can identify with their situation? "TwoCan.com is the first and only dating site created exclusively to help millions of people with HSV-2 (herpes) by eliminating the fear of disclosure and exposure," the press release states. Plus, a portion of the profits from the dating site will go towards Duke University's herpes research.

Visit www.twocan.com to learn more, or recommend it to a friend.


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